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Check out Jaipur’s landmarks and combine them with the fun of tuk tuk or private taxi travel on a city tour

  • Fully customisable tours

  • Airport pick up/drop off

  • Tuk tuk and private taxi available

  • See all the top attractions

  • Discover hidden gems

  • Learn Jaipur's rich culture

Mahesh with Tuk Tuk
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Hi, I'm Mahesh...

I'm a Jaipur native providing personalised private tours around the Pink City in a private taxi or auto rikshaw (or tuk-tuk, as they are called in Southeast Asia). With over 10 years of experience driving a rickshaw, I know every nook and cranny of this vibrant city.

My tours are not just about visiting landmarks, they are about experiencing Jaipur like a local. From the bustling markets to the serene temples, I ensure you get a genuine taste of our rich culture.

Whether you're here for a day or a week, my mission is to make your visit unforgettable. Come, join me, and let's explore Jaipur!



Great driving, very knowledgeable, and good humour. You won’t want to leave Jaipur!

We visited Jaipur for Holi-festival in March, and what a time we had! We met Mahesh on our first day and his enthusiasm, knowledge and humour made to be great company. We spent the next 5 days with Mahesh, he took us all over Jaipur to famous sights and even places we hadn’t heard of. We spent Holiday with Mahesh and after he took us to his local area where he lived, an experience i’ll never forget. After Jaipur he organised us a driver to Agra which was super helpful. Not just a great driver, a good friend! Mahesh made our experience in Jaipur super special and if I go back i’ll hope to see him again.

Charlie H - March 2024

Great driving, very knowledgeable, and good humour. You won’t want to leave Jaipur!

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